Architect and cultural heritage manager



I was born and raised in Athens. I am continuously fascinated by the constant changes of Athens and love exploring the hidden gems this cool capital has to offer! Having studied architecture and cultural heritage management, I was inspired to come up with ideas regarding the needs of a first-time visitor in Athens. So, this is how Greekcultours was born! I carefully plan city tours and with a head full of stories, I find 1000 ways to fall in love with Athens.
Every time I walk in this cool city, I am looking forward to sharing all the secrets with our guests!

Born in Athens, I have a genuine passion for this unique city and its many secrets. My studies in architecture and cultural heritage management have contributed to my in-depth knowledge of the city’s past, its history and architectural heritage. I am always looking forward to showing guests the best and most inspiring urban spots, architecture, art, and must-see sights of Athens! Being a fond storyteller, I never miss the opportunity to add my personal touch to your specific needs and tailor-made urban experiences.

Architect and cultural heritage manager