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Greekcultours is a dynamic start-up launched by Leda and Manos, two local architects,who live in and love Athens. With specialised postgraduate studies in cultural heritage management and an immense love for Athens, we designed   themed walking tours in our city coupled with authentic local experiences. The word Greekcultours (Greek-culture-tours) was made up from Greece, culture and tours! The carefully developed city tours are carried out always in a small group format and cater to the needs of today’s traveller.

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In a nutshell: For those who visit Athens only for
athens by night

A drinks and street food night in Athens

In a nutshell: This tour will give you a good
athens tour

Evening wine & meze tasting

In a nutshell: Immerse yourself in Greek wine scene, while

Foodies’ Favorite Food tour

In a nutshell: Together we will enjoy a street food

Bicentennial landmarks’ Panorama

In a nutshell:  If you are a first-time visitor in
athens tours

Athens beyond the historical centre with a licensed tourist guide

In a nutshell: Athens beyond the historical centre will get

Athens culture walk

In a nutshell: The urban landscape is undoubtedly our element!

Why Choose Us?


Itineraries curated by architects with rich academic background delivering a high-quality service.

Storytelling is our passion

Please, not another history lecture! With us, you get all the facts and details – but in a fun and memorable way. Isn’t this how we want our travels to be?

Small & cozy

We do small groups only – up to [6] people. We don’t like herds: we have created an experience for a family, a group of friends or an opportunity to bring together a couple individual travelers. Authenticity & best value for money.

Tell us how you want it

On top of the options available in our website, we arrange custom-made private tours to suit your individual requests. Aficionado of the early 18thcentury architecture? Merely squeezing some free time out of a 24h layover in our city? No problem– talk to us and we can make it happen!

Tailored to your liking

Greekcultours can get really geeky…but only if you want us to! The detail of the content can each time be adjusted to our audience.

We are here for you

With our friendly, comprehensive support. Quick replies around the clock and flexibility to adjust your Greekcultours experience to any last-minute changes.

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what people are saying about us?


Visite agréable et instructive de La ville, sous l’aspect architectural, historique et urbanistique de la ville, qui m’a permis de mieux comprendre certains quartiers et les diversités des bâtiments, en particulier l’historique des destructions et de la préservation du patrimoine bâti d’Athènes.



Leda was wonderful, and I would highly recommend the tour. She’s knowledgeable and tells the stories/myths that bring the monuments and sites together. She also genuinely cares about sharing her knowledge and helping others engage. My friend and I didn’t book the tour in time, because we were in Athens for a very short period. But we reached out to Leda, and she was able to schedule a separate tour for us. So appreciated, and it was a highlight of our trip.



Leda est dynamique et souriante. On a vu beaucoup de monuments en peu de temps ce qui etait parfait pour le petit sejour que nous avions. Efraristo poly!



Leda is a really nice host and she is so passionate about the culture and architectures. She is s000 familiar with many types of buildings and the trip was well organized. She will help you with a better understanding with different styles architectures and history behind them. She also offers me a lot of tips for staying here. Very nice host and its a must do in Athens.



Leda and her husband are both architects and showed us around together. They took us around Athens outside of the popular sites like the Acropolis. This was perfect for us. These less popular structures would’ve been overlooked or seen without any background information while the popular sites have blurbs that explain them.



I am constantly traveling, without tour guides. However, I felt appealed by Leda’s walking tour to kick off my short three-day stay in Athens. I was correct! Leda’s tour at my first travel-day was the best way to start sightseeing the city. As an architect, Leda provides an in-depth tour that complements the typical popular visits to the archeological sites and Acropolis. She is accommodating and passionate about the subject. I’m sure you will feel the same when you join Leda’s tour.



Leda is a wonderful tour guide and host. She is very knowledgeable about the history of the city and the many historical sites that are part of the tour.



Leda was a fantastic and knowledgeable tour guide! She did a great job of taking us off the beaten path and pointing out certain features we never would have recognized on our own! We did this tour on our first day in Athens, and it really helped us get acquainted with the city. Leda was also very accommodating, providing plenty of recommendations for the rest of our stay.



We learned so much from this and we’d definitely do the walk again! Afterwards, get the pass from the acropolis and visit all the sites!



A very interesting and fascinating walk during which you form a very nice idea of the history and morphology of Athens from ancient to modern times, through its buildings. Also a very friendly and approachable guidance.. I highly recommend the Architecture Walk in Athens to anyone who would really like to know the city, visitor or resident. Thank you Leda and Manos.



We had a wonderful lively tour with Manos. He is knowledgeable about the history, architecture, culture and politics of Athens, so everywhere we turned, there was something of interest. We covered buildings from antiquity to modernity, and learned so much about why Athens is the way it is. Manos helped us appreciate the layering of history, with Roman on Greek, Orthodox on Pagan, Byzantine covered by Ottoman, right up to the 20th century. I highly recommend this tour – a unique and stimulating way to get to know this complex city.



My daughter and I truly enjoyed walking and learning architectural highlights of Athens with Leda. She is very engaged, knowledgeable and full of stories about her city. Highly recommended tour.



Leda is an very passionate architect, she is very found of art as well and will take to discover points of the monuments that you probably miss by your own. She gives you tips to get around the city and just truly enjoyed her company. I would advise to any one interested on art to know more facts about the city to take this tour.



Leda is a great experience host. She planned an excellent tour around the city with many of the main attractions. Her knowledge of the city, it’s cultural history, architecture and how they all come together was phenomenal. She helped paint a picture of Athens we wouldn’t have known without this experience. Would recommend you opt for the tour with Leda – especially since she’s a lovely person to spend the day with anyhow!



We had a really fun time walking around Athens with Leda! She is very sweet, bubbly, and easy to talk to — and clearly loves Athens. She was easy to communicate with, met us right on time, and started by showing us on the map our route through the city. We wandered through the historical districts as well as the newly developed areas of Athens, and Leda had lots of information to share about which periods different buildings and historical landmarks/ruins were from, in addition to answering our varied questions about the city! It was lovely to get to know her and would recommend this tour to.



The tour gave excellent historical context for the different kinds of architecture in the city, from antiquity to the present. So it made me appreciate the city so much more! Two very warm individuals that were very welcoming that help you notice buildings and sights that you might ignore if you’re a visitor.



We only had a day in Athens, and this was the perfect tour to get a full glimpse of Athens in 3 hours. Leda and her friend were very insightful and passionate. They also were very flexible as we had to change the timing last minute. Finally, they also gave us great recommendation for the rest of our trip.



Leda is a very knowledgeable architect and she and her fellow architect(very sorry his name slipped away) showed me around the most interesting architectural spot of the Athens with detailed introductions. I feel like this tour definitely gave me a better overview of the history and culture of the city both ancient and modern. Overall I love the walk and would love to do it again in the future! Recommend this experience to all travelers!



Leda and Manos were really friendly and knowledgeable about the architecture, history and culture of Athens, both modern and ancient. They were open to all questions and even showed us some of their favourite places for eating and drinking in the centre of the city. We took the tour on our first day in the city and it was a great introduction and orientation for the rest of our stay. We would highly recommend this tour – many thanks to Leda and Manos!



Amazing guide, memorable experience.



Ledas tour was a great experience.



Interesting introduction to Athens with focus on architectural history from ancient to modern times.



Leda is really nice & cares about making sure we get the most of our excursion.